Your 2022-2023 PTO Board Members

Martha Medina

I have two kids, Enzo and Lucca, in 1st and 2nd grade respectively. I am originally from Mexico City and when I'm not performing PTO duties I manage the international sales department for a vitamin company. My favorite family activity is going to my boys' soccer games. My favorite sport/hobby is kickboxing and traveling.

Nicole Seller

I was born in Texas, but raised here in Ahwatukee. My favorite family activities are thrifting and gaming. My son Henry is going into first grade and has been at Andersen since PreK following many of his cousins. When I'm not performing PTO duties I am a property manager including maintenance and customer service.

Vice President
Amy Trust

My hubby and I are both AZ natives and love living in Chandler. I'm currently a Noonaide at the school and stay at home mom. My daughter, Daphne, is in 5th grade and has been at Andersen since kindergarten. We have 2 dogs we love dearly, enjoy swimming, volleyball, video games, watching basketball, hockey, and going to movies!

Nicholle Urrea

I'm mom to two boys, Jackson and Grady, and I'm originally from Chicago. Our favorite family activity is definitely any type of game, with Pictionary at the top of the list. My favorite sport is a toss up between swimming and basketball. When I'm not working with the PTO I work as a senior accountant.

Executive Secretary
Dre Duran

I was born in North Carolina but grew up in Chandler Arizona where I attended Andersen Elementary. My daughter Ellison is currently a 2nd grader following in her mom's footsteps. After graduating from ASU I started my career in the Mortuary field and stayed on board until having my daughter. I took a career change after returning to work as a Food and Beverage Director for Hyatt. COVID put a stop to hospitality and I took time to stay with my daughter. We enjoy camping, traveling, and CrossFit. We are happy to be part of such an amazing school.